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Saxons Athletics

Langley High School


Saxons Athletics

Langley High School

Saxons Athletics

Langley High School

Team News.

Team News

3 months ago @ 3:21PM

Suggested Workouts Posted

If you check under "Team Files" you will find suggested workouts for Distance, Short Sprints/Jumpers, and Long Sprinters/300m Hurdlers.  We realize not all of you can get to a track every day.  Many of the workouts could be done in a neighborhood by running the approximate distance or by running for the speed/time requested on the road or bike path.  The key is get outside and do SOMETHING almost every day...and to push yourself hard.  If we do get to resume the season, you will be very grateful you did these workouts.

Obviously hurdlers, you can't really hurdle right you work on conditioning and do your hurdle stretches and motions over chairs, in the air, whatever to keep that flexibility up.  Jumpers, the Sprint/Jumper workout has plyometric drills to do and there are others still posted back in the "Team Files" for Winter/Indoor track.

Again, don't get together with others to train.  Sorry...but not a good idea.  We really need to follow those social distancing protocols if we're going to have a chance to limit the impact of this.  Hang in there!  

Coach Diller

Team News

4 months ago @ 10:29PM

Team Fund and Forms

UPDATE:  Obviously we are in a holding pattern at this point.  So, do not pay the team fund or complete the team forms until we hear if the season will resume.

Team Forms are available under the "Files" tab.  Download the checklist and follow the directions.

Team Fund:  We ask each FAMILY (so if you have siblings in track, it’s just one per family) to contribute $100 to our team fund.  This fee pays for team meals before Wednesday night meets for every athlete, Gatorade, water, and snacks at meets, Senior gifts, dinner for all athletes at the Green & Gold meet, pre-district team dinner, coaches gifts, and the end of season banquet for all athletes and their families.  This fund is run by our team parents…this year lead by Britt Ellinger.  Here is the PayPal link for the team dues:  If you would rather pay by check, there is a form in the team forms you can use.  Please make it payable to “Langley Track Team”.

Team News

6 months ago @ 12:14PM

Spring Track Tryouts

Tryouts for Spring Track will be Monday February 24th through Wednesday February 26th.  To be eligible for a try-out all track athletes must have completed the following:

1. VHSL Physical form on file in the Activities Office
2. Submission of signed form to Activities Office indicating completion of Concussion Education
3. Emergency Care Card submitted to track mailbox in Activities Office

4. Register for tryouts at the Google Forms page (CLICK HERE)!
5. Scan the QR Code in the Activities Office and choose spring track when dropping off your physical.

If you have not completed all of the above steps, you will not be allowed on the track!

Tryouts will begin with warm-up at 3:35pm with events starting about 4pm.  Races run include the 100m, 200m, 400m, 800m, and 1600m.  Athletes may qualify for the team in one of two ways:

1: Running TWO of the following qualifying times:


100m 200m 400m 800m 1600m
13.0 27.0 60.0 2:30 5:40


100m 200m 400m 800m 1600m
15.0 33.0 75.0 3:10 6:45


2:  Attempting all five running events over the three days of tryouts.

Note: Those interested in only throwing will be asked to run the 100m dash and participate in some throwing drills to assess power.

Team News

4 months ago @ 11:19AM

Team Stores Closed

The Langley uniform store and X-Grain gear stores are now closed. 

All athletes are required to have a uniform and ONE Langley Track warm-up or top (hoodie, jacket, travel warm-ups, quarter zip, etc.) to travel to meets in.  The uniform includes the singlet (top) and all black shorts.  You may elect to use your own all black shorts, however they may only have one logo less than 2.25 inches square on it. 

The X-Grain store has very nice hoodies, jackets, pull-overs, and sweat pants.  All items are personalized for free!  (18 character limit).  Both stores have some nice items to choose from and other than the uniform and at least one top, all other choices are optional.

Uniform Store:  Open through March 11th 

Click here to shop at the uniform store.  It has other items as well. 

X-Grain Store: Open through March 12th

Click here to shop the X-Grain store.  Note: 18 character limit on personalization.
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